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Kids Of Steel

As of 2019 it is estimated that over 150 million children in the world are obese and that this will increase to 206 million by 2025. 

Without intervention, overweight infants and young children will likely continue to be overweight during childhood, adolescence and adulthood. 

If you can get your child interested in exercising from an early young age, exercise and fitness will become a habit that lasts for life. 

For that reason, one of the 3 focus areas at iCare is early physical development. 


Zumbini gives your little one the chance to sing, dance and develop rhythm and balance.

iCare’s Zumbini sessions are always full of fun and frolic. But, Zumbini’s benefits aren’t just limited to fun and entertainment.

Studies have shown that dance improves a child’s flexibility, corrects postural issues and develops their stamina, physical strength, balance and overall coordination.

Bootcamp for Kids

Bootcamp for Kids improves and develops kids’ gross motor skills.

Psychomotricity is a technique that helps children and kids to master their body movement in a healthy way, improving their relationship and communication with others.

iCare program provides the opportunity for kids to learn the importance of respect, fairness, cooperation, responsibility, acceptance, and perseverance.

Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga teaches your child mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

Yoga exercises and techniques are taught with an age-specific approach at iCare. Through yoga, children learn how to be mindful, enjoy deliberate relaxation and practice easy but impactful poses that give them flexibility, postural correction and a great sense of balance.

iCare enables yoga teaching by using creative stories and coloring books revolving around yoga, to allow children to look forward to yoga as not just a holistic activity, but as a fun and entertaining one as well.

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